Monday, February 20, 2012


As my few followers might have guessed, this blog is going (has been) on hiatus.  There are several reasons:

The titles/types of books preferred by the majority of the club members just don't appeal to me.  I tried suggesting things, but nobody else was into them.  And the one time I did suggest something, the book was so savaged at the next meeting that--while I didn't take it personally--it certainly left me feeling that my preferences didn't fit it too well with the rest of the group.

The last meeting I went to was so poorly attended, mostly because people hadn't read the book (although most of the few who did attend had not read it, either!), that I felt I had wasted my time both reading the book and coming to the meeting.  What's the point?

It's not so much that book clubs aren't for me; really, it's about finding the book club that is for me.  That could involve starting my own club.

 I will update and/or change formats if and when I get the new club going (or join a new one.).  Thanks for reading--and keep on reading!



ccr in MA said...

I haven't been lucky enough to find the book club for me, either. A friend has been in two great ones for years: she has great book club karma. I hope you find yours!

Kate P said...

CCR, thanks. I figure that it is possible to find the right one (like your fortunate friend was able). . . it just might take a lot of time!