Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Book Club Day

I am two discs shy of finishing The Corrections. I might take the book club advice from Date Night (which had only a couple of funny moments to me) and read "the first thirty pages and the last page" of The Thirteenth Tale. My mom said I wasn't missing much and she liked The Corrections more.

The Corrections is, ultimately, an observation of a family whose members are living out the results of some really bad choices. My audio bookmark is at the point where the sister has broken up a family by sleeping with both the wife and the husband. She seems really messed up. But an excellent chef, apparently.

Oh, and the father is very ill and seems to be hallucinating that he is being taunted by an evil piece of poo.

If that's the kind of writing that gets an author acclaimed, I might as well throw away my unfinished efforts and start over.

Anyway, I will be taking my opinions and some book recommendations to the meeting tonight. Angela recommended a few that looked interesting, including a short read which might be very agreeable after this recent doubling-up.

I'll let you know what all goes down. Including whether or not it will be snowing when we finish, as predicted by the current weather forecast!


KS said...

Oh no! Please, please give The Thirteenth Tale a chance. It was actually one of my selections for our book club last year and we all loved it. It is a bit slow to get started, but it really picks up into an interesting story that was hard to put down.

Kate P said...

Hi, KS--yeah, I think maybe I'd enjoy it if I had the time. . . I might put it on the summer "to read" list. It's really hard to read in a hurry; I see a lot of shades of Jane Eyre, which was a rough summer read for me in high school!